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A must for anyone who wants to witness the spectacle of bird migration, explore the remarkable plant life or experience a wild, windswept peninsula with 500 years of military history. Landguard is an exposed sand and shingle peninsula at the mouth of the River Orwell. Despite dramatic winter storms and scorching summer sun, rare shingle flowers, shore birds and a variety of migrants manage to thrive.

In April the short, rabbit cropped grass is studded with blue early forget-me-not, white clover, pink geranium and yellow medick. The open shingle turns almost white by late May as bushy sea kale flourishes. Then itís the turn of yellow-horned poppy followed by sheepís sorrel with its rusty orange hues.

In spring and summer fenced off areas protect nesting ringed plover and little tern along with delicate plants such as the rare stinking goosefoot whose flowers resemble tiny broccoli florets!

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