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Woodchester has witnessed various paranormal sightngs including a headless lady and ghosts in the park.According to the reports of two members of The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, the noises began at around midnight with a soft tapping sound coming from the top of a 25 foot Victorian ladder which was left when builders abandoned the house. This was only the beginning of a whole barrage of noise, which centred on the inner wall of the south range corridor.

At around 2.30am the group was in the Drawing Room when they noticed a tapping sound coming from the wall to the right of the fireplace. It was described as a basically metallic sound like a hammer hitting stone, which intensified in pitch and volume over around 15 minutes, until it became so loud, people had to cover their ears with their hands. Upon investigation, the noise was assumed to be coming from the south range corridor on the first floor, but as AL shone his torch from the top step of the Grand Stair around the corner, the noise stopped abruptly. By this time the beat of the hammering had quickened to the speed of a pneumatic drill. Feeling rather shaken, the group descended the stairs to the Drawing Room to discuss what had happened.

At around 4pm, the noise started again, so seven of the group made their way upstairs to the first floor corridor. As they were ascending the Grand Stair, which was restored in 1999, an almighty crack sounded above the heads of the people who were leading, followed by rumbling sounds which gave them the impression of falling masonry. This split the group in two as they leapt out of the way of whatever it was they thought was coming down on top of them. AL reported his conviction that he saw black shapes falling and a piece of yellow–white stone bounce near to his foot at the bottom of the stairs. After checking everyone was OK, they went to look at the fallen masonry, of which they could find no trace, but all were convinced that the vaulted ceiling had been falling down around them.

As the tapping noise was continuing, the whole party decided to check out the corridor above, where they were sure the noise was emanating from. Finally, while they were standing spread out along the walls of the corridor, a noise described variously as a jet engine or train seemed to move up between them, which was overtaken by a sound described as something very heavy being dragged along the floor towards the hall, where it stopped. While this was going on, the group all felt a vibration in the walls and floor of the building.

These were the main events of the night, although the Ghost Club members had left 'trigger' objects in the form of two pence coins about the building, one of which was placed in the Mansion kitchen under the old clock, which is being restored at present. (Note - the clock has since been re-installed in its tower.) This was reported missing by 2pm. However, it has since turned up in another part of the Mansion.

As a result of this experience there has been a revival of interest in the Mansion's paranormal activities and subsequently, three more vigils have taken place to date. Of the first of these, again with the Ghost Club on the 10 November 2001, there was no activity whatsoever, and the group left just after 2.30am. The caretaker was not present on this occasion, and no 'psychics' were present.

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